First Story

Hello, i’m sorry about the last post, it kinda sucked. Also beware of a crappy title, i’m not feeling particularly creative.

I’ve been getting alot of inspiration for my blog posts but i only ever get them when i’m on the road or about to snooze, its really annoying i tell you, i really should get one of those small books where i just write my to do list and a bunch of other things i have to remember.

I had intended posting one of my old stories i had written in high school yesterday, but i’m in Nigeria with all its glorified poor network connections – still love my country though- I could not save my drafts and i got lazy an refused to retype it.

I also started editing it and arguing with my crappy 14/15 year old mind but i figured i’d just lay it out raw for you guys so you can do a comparison when i post a more recent one.

This is the first short story i can remember writing, These kind of stories are not my favorite cause they tend to hit too close to home for comfort. It always feels like a war is happening right in front of me, Yikes! i know i hate my mind sometimes all these things running round and bumping into each other.

Anyways, i hope you enjoy my story and feed back wont be ignored.

He released his breath and looked up, he contemplated for a little while before looking at her expectant face, yes the one which he liked to admire, he wondered “why now?” He’d been waiting for this moment all his life -or at least since the moment he saw her 5 years ago- now he was dating Jasmine, the transfer student, they’d even shared a few kisses. Not that he was head over heels for her, yes he liked her but he was only with her because she asked him out, that and He didn’t register on Janel’s radar “Jas wouldn’t like this” he muttered under his breath

Janel looked at him expectantly, she was so darned cute, she looked too innocent for her own good – not that she was, Janel had like a thousand funky thoughts running through her mind per second, her head always buried in a book. He knew this because she was bestfriends with his dear twin brother – Fraternal- and had the opportunity to talk with her when she came to visit, most people just thought she was a snub with real temper issues

“look Janel, I don’t know about this, I feel like you are joking” He said, slamming his locker shut, really hard, “why would i be Joking” she replied puzzled “i’m sorry its just that you just came up out of the blue saying you like me” he said his voice rising. She winced,” I’m sorry” he said again, that’s okay she replied tugging nervously with the sleeves of her sweater.

The tension between them were eating at her, She’d never known Mark liked her, not until very recently when he had unknowingly confessed to it. She’d always admired him, he was confident, social, one of the popular ones, While she was the one with her head stuck in the clouds, or in a book. not well liked and was seriously lacking in the self esteem department. But when he told her that he liked her – again it was indirect- she was so happy she forgot he was dating Jasmine, Now she just felt silly, all her teen life boys only wanted to be friends, not that she minded much, Mark was who she noticed half the time she paid any attention to those around her.

“I’m so sorry, i’m being a total bitch right now” she gasped I shouldn’t have done that, she was freaking out “oh my god” she twirled around and began to walk away from him, “Janel wait!” he said grabbing her forearm, You really shouldnt think about what i said, it was foolish!” she wispered under her breath, she draged her arm from him and hurried away from him, head bowed and tears flowing freely.

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