Beware of Blood Thirst

I recently got into reading light novels, wuxia and such, they are fun, but after a while i realize something. They made me incredibly bloodthirsty. I’m not into serial killing though

I’ve always  had a thing for straight forward violence, and i can’t stand books where the Main character cant or don’t make real decisions in the name of being a magnanimous person, i’m always like, kill the **** out of that mofo, but anyways i’m not the author of the book.

Anyways, In comes wuxia, Its all about revenge most of the time, It’s like “you stepped on me last year, so i’m going to scheme and ruin your whole life, so you’d never be happy”, or “I failed to steal your Fiance, so i’m just going to kill you instead”, I mean all these intrigues make my head spin and now my only solution is, KILL, KILL THE SHIT OUT OF THAT B****, or, A**HAT and such. But in away xanxia can be pardoned, at least by my reasoning, Unlike some Japanese light novels.

That shits just gruesome sometimes,, like a but of people slicing and dicing others in half, just for the fun of it (i’m talking about The MotherF***ing MC from ‘to be a power in the shadows’). The Asshat thinks they are playing in that shit, it was so sad it was funny.

Well, after all this I’m still well doped on that Shit, i Just love them so much i even thought about translating some, too bad i suck at languages, especially those with symbols. I can’t quite make a good ending to this blog so, see y’all later.

P.S. I’ve been in love with Chibi style (>-<) drawings so ill rip on of from the internet to accompany every post until i learn hoe to draw them for myself. Enjoychibi

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